Monday, August 29, 2011

Scenes from the weakend

We spent the weekend at Disney Worlds Grand Floridian Resort. My hubby had a conference this weekend and we were lucky enough to make it a family weekend.

It is a beautiful place! Enjoy the pictures. A little look into the magical wonder that is Disney!

For a day and a half we did not leave the grounds of the resort.

On Friday, while we waited for hubby to arrive from NJ, my little lady enjoyed the pool and then we had a mommy/daughter special dinner.

On Saturday, hubby arrived, thankfully.

After a delicious breakfast we spent the late morning and early afternoon by the pool

before our time was shortened by a thunderstorm.

We decided to take advantage of the rain and headed off to lunch.

We also explored the resort

and when we decided we had had enough we decided to play cards on one of the outdoor patio areas that was shielded from the rain. It was amazingly very soothing.

After three rounds of Go Fish the rain subsided. It was breezy, cloudy, and cooler. We decided to take advantage of the hot tub. Who gets to do that in the middle of a Florida summer? The temperature dropped about 15 degrees and it was sure bliss for me. The ducks even decided to take up their swim in one of the swimming pools.

That night we had a wonderful dinner at one of the restaurants on property, Narcoosee's.

There is a huge wrap around porch that is perfect for firework viewing.

The resort sits just across the lagoon from Magic Kingdom which has a fireworks show most nights, however, our little lady didn't make it through dinner. All that swimming wore her out. We ended up having to carry her back to the room.

The next day, my husband had to work, so I took my little girl to the opening ceremonies of Magic Kingdom.

I don't know how you feel about Disney, but for me, there is something that just pulls at me. I just love it. I'm not a Disney fanatic, I don't have decorative items in my home or a Disney wardrobe, but when I am there I am taken in.

It was magical.

Our main goal for Magic Kingdom was to get to see Rapunzel.

She is the hardest princess to see.

The lines are long and can take a good part of your day. Luckily we made it for her first "showing".

My little princess could not have been more thrilled.

We were then off to our next favorite, Splash Mountain. So we headed to Frontierland.

As we were making our way to the other side of the park I could not help but take notice of the mild crowd. And that is putting it mildly. The pictures that we took at the park were around 10:15 in the morning. I have never seen the park this empty. I don't know if it was due to the storm holding people off from coming, or what, but it was incredible.

The cast members were even dancing a jig from the low crowd, or that is what I imagined it was from.

We saw lots of characters, that we normally wouldn't see, just walking through the park.

We walked right on to Splash Mountain, which is unheard of.

We then hustled back to Fantasyland to ride our next favorite, Dumbo, and It's a Small World. We were in the park for two hours and were able to enjoy four attractions that would normally would have taken us half a day.

It was a great weekend. A great way to cap off our summer.

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