Thursday, September 2, 2010

White Flower Farmhouse

Check out this website I saw these images and they are just stunning. I love the fresh, clean, airy feel they give.

The items they sell are equally as nice. The farmhouse inspired decor with a bit of beach-y thrown in. So Fresh! Click on the title above to head to their site.

My favorite flower is a daisy. I love, LOVE this picture.

I think it sums me up to a tee. Shy, not boastful, unassuming, simple, sweet! I hope for those who know me feel the same.

On another note, I need some parental advice.

Parenting is so hard and I'm not sure what I am doing sometimes. My little one is very sweet, shy, demure and super sensitive. She is a kind hearted little girl and I would do anything to protect her. Kindergarten is tough. First we had the little boy who was chasing her around to kiss her. Yes, KISS her! I think the teachers have handled and put the kabash on that one. But today she was told by her best school friend that she wouldn't be her friend anymore. Why would someone do that to my sweet child? Because when my little one was chosen to go to the treasure box to pull a treasure she chose to keep it and not give it to her new best friend. So with the reward of being good in class she gets her feelings hurt. When I picked her up today she was crying. Now my heart is broken. When I asked what was wrong she told me and asked me to talk to the little girl, to smooth things over. Here is where I think I made my mistake. I went over to the little girl, now remember, I am not a toughy, I just wanted to ask the little girl what happened and to ensure that they were still friends. I was with the teacher and softly talked to her. The little girl was scared to death, my daughter was crying, and I was a bundle of nerves. I feel like my talking to her may have further damaged the situation where it might have just blown over had I left it alone. And I'm afraid I am going to get a call from her parents. Truly, I didn't mean to upset the little girl, she is quite shy and just sort of shut down, but I wanted to ease my daughters upset.

What should I have done?

What would you have done?

What do I do tomorrow if things are worse?

Sometimes a little advice is the way to go.

I am heading to the pool. It's still 90 degrees here and I think an afternoon of swimming might just wipe the upset of the day away.
Have a great day.


  1. Oh Leslie, That's so tough.... as parents we want nothing more then to protect our children. I remember once at the splash-pad in Orange City a little boy came up to Carson and said "is it a he or a she, I said He's a boy and his name is Carson and he said well ,he looks like a girl" I was devastated and to be quite honest I wanted to smack the kid. I can see how you want to protect your sweet angel baby. I cannot tell you what I would have done because I don't know. I probably would have done the same thing. However, we all make mistakes and we all are human and if something arises I would just explain your POV as a parent and any other parent would understand especially when there was no harm done. Every opportunity is a learning one whether it be good or bad and it's through the rough patches that our character as well as our children's characters are formed.

  2. Thanks Litsa. I just need to let her spread her wings and fly. She will do great and I need to know her care is in Gods hands. As it turns out, today all was well with the world.


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