Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What I wore Wednesday

Hi! Here is my latest entry for What I Wore Wednesday linking with Lindsay at The Pleated Poppy. I only have three days of photos this week. It's been a busy week so I forgot to take picture asnd one day was laundry day....super casual!

Laundry day
Top - Kohl's
Jeans - Kohl's

Top - Kohl's
Jean skirt - Gap

Dress - Walmart
Jeans - Target
Sweater - Old Navy

Have a great night!



  1. Love the dress over the jeans. It looks very stylish!

  2. Isn't Kohl's the best? I love both your tops from there. Great outfits!

  3. @ Heidi Thanks. It's also a great, comfortable way to wear a dress.

    @ Cambria- I love Kohl's. Especially when you can find things on clearance. You can't beat the low prices and such stylish pieces.


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