Monday, November 1, 2010

Blog Celebration!!!!!

This is my 200th post!


So exciting!

I started this blog as a way to journal a simple way of living. I love the little things in life. The quiet moments. The days when I am just simply thankful to have what I have. I love spending time with my family, crafting, interior design, baking, sewing, flea marketing, garage sale-ing, I love the beach, the sunshine, the warm weather, I love to travel, I love a bargain! I love living a simple life. To me it's simple. I love being home with my daughter and being the best wife and mother I can be, creating traditions. I have a fun and fulfilled life. I don't need a big paycheck, career status, a bigger house, an expensive car or clothes or jewelry to tell me who I am or my status in life.

So, I wanted this blog to be about sharing inspiration on enjoying the small things, a visit from the ice cream truck, finding that great find at a flea market, creating things, decorating on a budget and finding great fashion with out spending a fortune, and capturing time with my daughter.

To all of my readers and followers, I hope that you have enjoyed reading my blog, have gained inspiration from it and have, too, enjoyed living and appreciating a simple life. I am not a writer. I simply love sharing and that is what I hope to accomplish.

Thanks for reading.


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