Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday

It's Wednesday. Did you get out and vote yesterday? The turn out seemed a bit disappointing. There was no line at my voting place, I wonder why that is. My daughter went with me, as my special helper. I think it's important for her to know how important voting is. I don't know that I really understood as a kid or even as a young adult. I wouldn't miss it now and want her to know that every vote counts. So true, especially here in Florida where the governors race was separated by a mere 50,000 votes. We know we are in for a re-count! That's Florida.

On to other issues of the day. It's What I Wore Wednesday with the Pleated Poppy! Ok, I have to admit it's causing me a bit of stress. Each time I go to load my pictures I think that my looks aren't quite "enough". But when I get up in the morning to get dressed I am happy with what I've put on. I think my frumpy look is my everyday where, I've never been much of a sweats girl. I stay home, I have a small baking business, or I run errands. I wish I had cause for putting on pretty shoes and skirts. I think, I'm just not going to worry about it, and then each Wednesday I look at some of the other entries and there are some really great fashionistas. We are never satisfied with ourselves are we?

Well, without further ado, here are my looks:

Lunch with girlfriends
dress- TJ Maxx
Jeans - Loft
Sweater - Old Navy

Volunteering for Orange Day at school
Top - Kohl's Elle (last year)
Jeans - NY and Co

Saturday Fall festivities
Top - Target
Jeans - Loft
Necklace - Flea Market
Shoes - Flip Flops crafted for halloween

Monday Volunteering at school and after school activities
Shirt - H&M
Sweater - Old Navy
Jeans - Loft
Head band - LIberty of London for Target (I need a haircut)

Tuesday - Baking ( had an order for seven dozen cupcakes)
Top - Ann Taylor
Cargo pants - Kohl's
Boots - specialty shop in Lexington Ky (yay it rained and I got to wear boots)

Another look at my Wellies! Aren't these cute?

Top - Old Navy
Pants - J Crew - Boyfriend pants

Have a great Wednesday!



  1. You are beautiful! And, your outfits are fabulous-- definitely not frumpy. I love the orange top-- so feminine and cute! Keep smiling! :)

  2. LOVE those boots! There wasn't a line at my voting place either, but I live in my a very small town in KY and I got there pretty early. We had a 55% voting rate in our county which was surprising to me!

  3. I think your laid back style is adorable! I posted my very first wiww this week and I *almost* didn't because I wore bluejeans every single day. But that's me! I'm a jeans girl.

    I'm happy to see another fashionable (but still casual!) gal posting each week!

  4. Wish I had half of your fashion sense and all of your wardrobe. I love your look!

  5. Looooove the wellies!! Love them, did I mention I'm in love?

  6. You are adorable! My new favorite blog!


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