Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Weekend news and an Etsy shop - Sea breeze studio

Hi. I'm back from a wonderful, though busy, weekend. We had our semi-annual yard sale and sold a ton. We do this twice a year and I am amazed that we have enough to sell and make money each time. I swear that it will be my last each time but this time I mean it. It's not that I even man it, my husband does while I go buy, but it's the work ahead of time that I am tired of. I will now donate all goods to Goodwill. We also celebrated our anniversary with a wonderful dinner at Disney World. I know it sounds crazy, but there are some great restaurants. Plus, we had our little lady with us and wanted to ensure that she had a great time. We all got dressed up and went to one of their fine restaurants called Artist Pointe, It's in the Wilderness Lodge Resort. It's outstanding! They even presented us with a complimentary champagne toast (a ginger-ale for the little princess). We walked around, all bundled up, after dinner and then sat in the rockers in front of the huge roaring fire. It was chilly here in Florida. We had a great evening. We are so busy over the holidays, it was nice to have a quiet dinner just the family. Our activities for the holidays start this coming weekend and continue each weekend and throughout the weeks until well into January. So much going on, parties, activities, dinners with friends, parades, Christmas tree farms, travel, shopping, caroling, visiting family, the list goes on and on. Whew. Well, I was out over the weekend in some of the stores and was so excited to see Christmas everywhere. I know, it seems early, earlier each year too. But, I really love the season, especially now before all of the hustle and bustle. You just have to embrace it! IT'S THE HOLIDAYS! And now that it has cooled down a bit here in Florida I can really get in the mood.

I have started my shopping early and hope to have it all done long before Christmas so that I can enjoy the season this year. I wanted to share with you a few items that I have found so far.

This is a great little Etsy shop, Seabreeze studio. I think these cute little bags would make great gifts. Don't you agree?

This is a small sampling, so be sure to check out their site for other great items. You can go directly there by clicking the link above for other great items.

Have a great day.


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