Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back to School

Are you gearing up and getting ready to send your kids off to school?

I am probably over zealous about the process. I love all of these little milestones and am usually planning things a little ahead. Well, today I was watching the Today Show and they were talking about great items to start off for school. They had some great ideas but my favorite was a School Days scrapbook. A scrapbook for the "lazy" scrapbooker. I do not like to scrapbook but I love to keep momentos. The book comes in either 11x11 or 7x9 and holds all of their school keepsakes for example, school pictures, report cards, writing samples and artwork. There is a section for each year beginning with Pre-School. This is a great keepsake and a way to keep all of the items together. What a great idea to keep all of these items together, neatly and organized and in such a pretty package. They come in sage green, aqua blue and light pink.

Buy one for each child and your done. They offer monogramming for only $4.95.

Thirteen years of keepsakes all bundled together in one great package. LOVE IT!!

I got on line immediately and ordered mine and you should too if you are interested in buying one. Head to to buy yours. The large one is $32.00 and the smaller one is $28.00. They also have a smaller one that is for sale at 25%.

It's a good beginning for me to start getting "school stuff" organized. Now I just have 3 bins of pre-school artwork and keepsakes to go through. I can't keep everything, can I?

Check it out.


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