Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer craft project

I know, there has been a lot of talk lately on this blog about my little lady going off to kindergarten. I can't help it, it's a huge milestone. I think sometimes bigger for me (is that selfish?). I am truly excited for her and this new phase, though I wish I could slow time down! Well, I decided to end the summer with a craft project. We do a keepsake project each summer and this year I decided to do a garden stepping stone with her little hand print. This way I'll have a keepsake of her on this milestone occasion. Here are some pictures of our process. I had some help from my little assistant with photography.

Well, today we are off to meet our, um, her kindergarten teacher. So exciting. Her biggest fear is how she will remember her new teachers name. So sweet! She keeps asking each day, Is it time for me to start kindergarten? I decided to create a way for her to visually see how many days she has...see pic

We are down to five days.

What are you doing, or have you done, to mark this occasion with your little one?


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  1. You've inspired me! I think we might try that project this weekend.

    We have a cute hanging-folder file box we got from Target. On each year's folder, I attach a photo of Katie from her first day along with an index card where she writes her name. It's a great way to stash special school projects & mementos, and it'll be fun to flip through & see how she's grown each year & how her signature changes.

    Good luck!!


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