Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy Friday

It's finally Friday. Whew! What a week. Getting use to our new "schedule" for school has worn me out. I'm having to get up an hour earlier than I use to and just that hour has taken it's toll. I'm am looking forward to SLEEPING IN tomorrow.

On a flip note, I got news today that I MUST get off of caffeine. No Coffee, No Tea, No Chocolate, No Red Wine! COME ON!!!! Well, I am totally on board as the news is better than the alternative. Now, I am on the hunt for alternative "vices". I really had not been drinking much coffee, but McDonald's Sweet Tea was my alternate. YUM-I'm from the south remember? I grew up on sweet tea. And, I simply love all things chocolate; brownies, pie, ice cream, cake. There is just no substitute!! As for the red wine, I didn't drink too much, but it's the only spirit that I drink. This is my Happy Weekend News. Good and Bad. Any suggestions to replace my favorite beverages? I'll take any advice. Right now I'm going with water, water, water and the occasional lemonade.

Have a great weekend and enjoy your morning coffee for me! ))))hugs(((((!


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