Friday, August 13, 2010

Back to School

Whether you are a parent sending your first child off to school or a seasoned school parent I think you will find these following websites helpful.
Check out this site for great ideas for lunches using bento boxes.
Check out this site for great lunch ideas. Fun, creative, healthy and nutritious.

This is a great site that carries different containers for packing lunches in. The "Bento Box" is a great way to pack lunches. The entire lunch is contained on one container which makes it so easy.

Mabel's Labels
This is a great site for all things labels. It's a good idea to label your child's things-clothes, backpack, shoes, lunch boxes etc. so that they can identify their things. You can find the website at

I will be ordering some of the labels from Mabel's labels today. And we actually received a bento box for my little girls birthday this summer. I didn't really know what it was when we got it, but after finding these websites am thrilled to have one to use for school lunches.

Okay. Back to fashion, interiors, and fun things on Monday. Just got the heading off to school thing on my mind these days.


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