Sunday, August 15, 2010

The most beautiful thing I have ever read

i recently discovered the blog of Kelle Hampton. a photographer, a blogger, a mother. her blog is the only mommy blog I read. i normally gravitate towards home decor blogs, but this one is different. i have never heard the stories of motherhood told so poignantly, so beautifully. she is open and honest and describes motherhood, this incredible gift, as just that an incredible gift.

she wrote about the birth of her second child; Nella Cordelia: A birth story. i was moved beyond explanation. i was up last night and being by myself I took the time to read her story. i had waited until just the right moment as I knew it was a difficult though an incredibly wonderful story. it's just a must read! It's real, it's emotional, it's incredibly beautiful.

read her story here:

beyond being an incredible writer, i would give credit as being probably the best words I have read, she is an incredible photographer. a truly talented lady. she captures her life through words and photography.

on this Sunday remember that miracles really do happen and the gift of life, any life, is a precious one.


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