Friday, March 18, 2011

Fashion Friday

I found these great items on Such cute looks for the beginning of Spring which is on Sunday!! Yippee!! So excited. Though it's been mild here for a while, I'm always happy to see the official start to spring. It's time to plant flowers, pull out dresses and strap-y sandals and for dining outside. We have such a short window to eat outdoors as it gets hot quick down here. No complaints though, we just know how to use our nice days wisely.

Back to today's fashion finds. I subscribe to Targets Daily deals. It's a great deal. They send you an email with the days item and you have until midnight to purchase, and the item ships for free! It's a win win. Todays item are there great shoes

They are only....drum role, please, $15.00. And Target is running a special right now where you can get a second pair of shoes for 50% off.
I think they would look great paired with any of these dresses

Also at Target.

I have the striped dress, posted on Wednesday, I also really love the navy halter dress. Really Cute.

Be sure to check out their GO International line. They have several designers that have created a line of clothes over the years, they were all brought together for a spring dress line. In stores now.

Have a great Friday and Weekend. See ya back here on Monday.


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  1. I do a Fashion Friday link up and would love it if you joined!


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