Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fun Finds

I scored some sweet finds for my little one's Easter Basket at Target today.
I love the pinwheels with the wooden accents. Very sweet. The tin bucket I thought was pretty and is something that we can use in her room year round. She loves seeds and to plant things, so I bought zinnia seeds that come with a cute little half egg for planting in. My favorite things I found are the little gummy bunnies. They are so simple, there are four different colors and flavors in each bag, and they look really pretty and sweet.

Breakdown of cost
tin bucket $5.99
filler shredded paper $1.49
gummy bunnies bag of 24 for $1.99
pinwheels $1.00 each
Hershey's chocolate bunny $3.49
Zinnia seeds in half egg $1.00

You just can't beat the prices at Target.

Have a great day.


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