Thursday, March 18, 2010

Perfectly mis-matched dish set

I have this set of mis-matched dinnerware in white. Why I love it? It's great to display foods on, it looks pretty when paired with colored dishes, you can easily replace broken pieces and add items over time. I received part of my "set" from Crate and Barrel as a wedding gift, the plates and mugs came from world market, some of the serving pieces are from Target, the desert plates came from a consignment shop, a few items were gifts and so on. This is only part of my collection but don't they all look pretty together? It's very cohesive and though the pieces don't match, the differences create interest and a sense of being gathered over time.

Start with the set from PotteryBarn in my previous post, or even look at Home Goods or Target to get a great set to start with.

You'll have fun hunting and adding pieces to your set.



  1. What a fabulous idea!

    My own set of wedding dishes has dwindled to the point that they'll need replacing very soon. I love how any white dishes I purchase would still compliment my remaining colored pieces!

    Thanks for the inspiration! Love the blog!

  2. Cassandra, Thanks so much! Leslie


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