Thursday, March 11, 2010

What to do with your children's artwork.....

It is an ugly rainy day here today so all activities are set to be indoor ones. What to do with a rainy day? One thing I usually end up doing, after crafting, which is something I always do with my little lady on such a day, is organizing. Today I tackled my craft closet. This closet also holds all of the papers, arts and crafts that this little missy does at home and school, and as I was going through them I had a thought, "What does one do with all of the drawings, art projects and crafts that their kids create"? I don't really like to throw them away, but it's impossible to keep them all. There are so many creative ways to preserve your children's artwork here are a few ideas i'd like to share.

The first picture is of a piece of artwork that was turned in to a pendant. This is by mjhdesigns on Etsy. These are so cute and inexpensive at $18.00 and includes the black cord to wear it with.

The second picture came from Martha It's a sewing project where you can turn artwork into a stuffed animal or pillow. Very cute!

In the third picture, a designer by the name of Jan Eleni, creates a piece of art by taking pictures of and miniaturizing children's artwork, she then creates one piece out of them. Looks time consuming, but what a modern way to display and keep these special pieces.

Another way is to create a photo book of the artwork. Take pictures of the artwork and load them up into a picture managing website, such as Snapfish, Kodak or I photo, then create a photo book out of these pictures. It's a really cute idea.

One of my favorite ways is to frame the pictures and use them as artwork in your home. They take on a modern, clean look when framed in white or silver frames with white mats.

Try one of these ideas. It's a great way to clear space and clutter and create some beautiful memento'a of your children's precious art.


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